Serious Images – Rubber Duo

Our friend Taylor Dawn didn’t realize what he was getting into when he agreed to play with Eden Alexander and Elise Graves. In any case, once he was naked and restrained in our ‘Box of Torment’ he lost any ability to turn back. This box was the invention of our editor and videographer Petgirl Kako. She has some great ideas, and this was one of them. By positioning wrist and ankle cuffs inside the box, Taylor Dawn is made both helpless and vulnerable, and with the top of the box made into a head stock, his face is made completely accessible to these two dommes. The problem with his face being accessible is that Elise Graves loves to mess with people’s faces, especially mouths. Elise wasted no time is using jaw spreaders to pry open Taylor’s mouth to inspect his oral cavity. Chaos ensues as the two dommes tease and torment Taylor’s face and cock.

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