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In this video, Goddess Platinum, Goddess Draya, and Myself we’re all spending an afternoon at the Manor when a brand new little slave boy appeared at the door begging to be given the opportunity to be of use to Us. Goddess Draya started the process delivering a swift kick to the things groin… as it curled over in pain it gave the first score, and I had My first shot on the loser. The third kick was from My Auntie and after the first round We discussed upping the ante and adding a challenge for who could get the first “Perfect Ten…” Draya took Her second kick, as did I, and then Aunt Platinum. We continued through multiple rounds while this pathetic creature kept getting it’s little package crushed only to hear Us laughing at it as it flopped on the ground like a fish out of water! Keywords: ball abuse, ball busting, goddess platinum, goddess draya, princess amber, kicking balls, ball destruction, breaking balls, brutal kicks, sexy les, cbt, blonde goddess, blonde princess, young slave.

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