Sado Ladies – The Applicant

There was a boy who wrote that he can take a good whipping and Lady Pascal decided to have him for a test. In the next hour the slave has to go to different levels of pain. He can earn points from the cruel lady and in the end she will decide if he is good enough for a shooting. The test contains very harsh caning and a cruel bullwhipping!

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Pussy For The Slave

Small Talk - Pussy For The Slave

This sexy Mistress in red latex pants would never bother to handle her slave’s cock. Still, she knows that the fucker needs to drain his balls every now and then, so she brings him a special treat tonight!

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He Has To Be Hurt

The Mistress would have been glad to limit herself to telling her slave off if it really worked but… It just won’t! The fucker keeps on making the same mistakes over and over again! Apparently, pain and suffering are the only things that will teach him.

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