Mistress Anette – Anette’s Powerful Session Part 3

Mistress Anette - Anette’s Powerful Session Part 3

The slave is a mess on the bed, he is tied and gagged and he is screaming and begging for forgiveness, while Mistress Anette is performing a painful bastinado on him. She doesn’t spare his naked soles and as he tries to beg, it angers Mistress Anette even further and she strokes him more and more powerful. Features: hard bastinado, trampling, cbt, corporal punishment, female domination, lady anette, domina amazon, elegant femdom, hungarian mistresses, slave domination, unusual bdsm, falaka.

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Mistress Anette – Anette’s Powerful Session Part 1

Mistress Anette - Anette's Powerful Session Part 1

Mistress Anette brutally tortures her slave, who is tied to the metal bed, laying on his belly. She strokes his naked ass with her hard cane, until he is screaming and red marks cover his skin everywhere. Then she grabs her high voltage zippo and she shocked him suddenly without any warning. The slave almost jumps off the bed from the pain. Features: hard caning, spanking, corporal punishment, female domination.

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Mistress Anette – Riding Crop And Cane

Mistress Anette - Riding Crop And Cane

There is a caning bench in the middle of the small room, the slave is laying on it naked, his arms and legs are tied to the caning bench tightly. Mistress Anette comes in, she is wearing her pathent leather shorts, top and high heels. She wants to make him suffer, destroy his body and his soul by caning his ass hard and without mercy. She uses a riding crop and a cane to make it more painful!

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European Femdom Videos Part 3

Mistress Kandy is sitting on her toilet table with her slave underneath it on his back. “Are you thirsty to my piss?” Naturally the slave is parched and anxious to get her gifts. Kandy then gets up and kneels on the toilet and spreads her ass cheeks so you can see her sexy puckered butt hole.

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Princess Chanel – We Don’t Care If You’re Sick

The trash slave hasn’t been doing his job. Princess Chanel walks into the kitchen to find garbage and she is not happy. She calls his ass in and he gives her some lame excuse about a ‘bad back’ and ‘doctor says I can’t carry anything’. Bitch, do you think Princess Chanel cares what ‘doctor says’? How about what “chanel says’? Like getting on the floor, riding around with a heaping garbage bag on your back and crawling out to do your garbage duties. You don’t get doctor’s excuses when you are a Mean Girl slave. That’s why its slavery stupid!

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Hardcore Punishment

Private hardcore punishment movie, naked muscular slave is tied to the whipping post and mistress whips his back until his skin is cut and bloody. Then she tramples his swollen back to inflict even more pain!

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Lady Milana – Slut Check

Since her slut is not earning any money, Lady Milana wants to check if he is telling the truth. For this purpose, the wicked lady takes a papertowl and shoves it up her slaves ass. She pushes the towl all the way in with her finger, and fucks her slave with her finger as well. Afterwards the slave has to lick Lady Milanas Finger clean. Lady Milana looks for some sticks, to beat her slave with. Meanwhile the slave has to fuck himself with his fingers and stuff the papertowls deeper in his ass. When Lady Milana returns with some sticks, she starts beating the slaves ass with the sicks. The gorgeous goddess canes her little sissy with the sticks and the slave howls in pain.

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Goddess Harley – Fail So l Can Beat You

Its more fun when I see you struggling to be a good little slave and I know your gonna end up with a beating anyway, haha… maybe you’ll be lucky today, slave… maybe I’m gonna give you permission to jerk off in my presence… and if you’re an obedient slave, maybe you’ll avoid a beating… a horribly vicious beating… a beating that make you cry… a beating that could be excruciating… maybe this will just be a fun little jerk off game… wanna play slave???

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