Lacy Lennon – Take It Like A Bitch

Mistress Lacy Lennon is fired up and determined to fuck her slave’s ass until he is a drooling mess of a cock-slut. The more he begs for mercy, the harder Mistress Lacy rams her cock deep in his fuck-holes. She wants every hole to be choking on dick while she mercilessly stretches him out with her fat cock. Mistress Lacy truly enjoys destroying a willing and helpless slut as he takes it any and every way she pleases.

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Carmen Rivera – Fuckin’ Berlin

Carmen Rivera - Fuckin' Berlin DVD

Baronessa Carmen di Rivera and her friends are looking for some fun in one of Berlin´s Bar: An imprisoned slave gets his ass stuffed with the curious hands of the three Ladies. With an XXL-Strap-On they are fucking away what is left of his mind. The anal-cunt of the waiter also seems to be what they are looking for, so that the evening end with a synchronized fuck-orgy. Bound by the hands of Lady Coco with a hanging-bondage, the slave experiences a final climax in addition with a cocktail of his own sperm. Turned on by what is happening, Mistress Puma is having fun with herself. Excessive sexploitation in fucking Berlin.

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Lady Blackdiamoond & Lady Alice – Terra Domina

So there you hang, defenseless, helpless and at the mercy of your goddesses and then he comes… the “hammer-hard” 30 cm that will disappear in your ass, you can’t do anything against it, you are allowed to beg and whine in your misery, but that had already been of no use when your “little dick” was whipped by the goddesses and also nothing when you were allowed to do your service as a living toilet. So scream and enjoy the ass-whipping, you miserable loser!

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