Alexandra Snow – Cocksucking And Erection Reduction Training

Goddess Alexandra Snow want to make sure that her nephew, Ellis, is sucking cock skillfully. She wants to make sure that his dates with “gentleman callers” are going well and that the men are leaving satisfied with his work. Auntie Alexandra makes her nephew suck a cock in front of her and assesses his skills. She laughs as she fucks her nephew’s throat vigorously with a dildo. This is Ellis’ performance review. Alexandra makes Ellis deepthroat the cock and hold it there for a while.

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Diana Grace – Slave-Hole Creampie

Mistress Diana Grace is training her anal slut to only be able to cum when his ass is filled and fucked. Using a special prostate wand she massages his male g-spot while stroking his helpless cock. She wants to make his first prostate orgasm extra special by also giving him his first anal creampie. Mistress Diana rubs her steel wand against his sweet spot until she milks out a huge load that falls right on his hole. She scoops up all of his cum and uses it as lube to continue fucking him as he begs for the intensity to stop.

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Rachael Rampage – Immobilized Edged

Rachael Rampage has had her slave locked inside the leather sleepsack for hours. He has had the electro butt plug stimulating his ass the entire time. His cock is hard and he has been begging for release but Rachael finds pleasure in seeing him suffer sexually. She wants to tease & edge him as long as possible. Rachael repeatedly edges him close to orgasm only to stop just before an orgasm. Staring up at a beautiful, busty blonde teasing your cock is great anytime.

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Mistress Nikki Whiplash – Nikki Cruel Condom Orgasm

The cruel condom is a seriously vicious bit of kit, and I couldn’t wait to give my slave one of the most painful orgasms of his life using it! Having clamped his nipples tightly and sounded his cock to stimulate his urethra in preparation, I slide the tight metal mesh condom over his cock and start stroking his cock, subjecting him to a harsh grating sensation all over his cock. I’m not letting him go until he cums, no matter how much it hurts!

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Small Talk – Tugjob And Anal Toy

‘No pain, no gain’ is this beautiful blond Domme’s main motto. She knows that her old big-dicked slave really wants his shaft serviced by her and he will get what he wants. However, this should come along with suffering – anal suffering, in his case.

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Herrin Black Diamoond, Goddess Chanel – Shocking Ass Fuck

After abusing this bitch with Our heels, canes, and whips we decided to have some real fun with it – using our ballshocker! We just strap the ballshocker on, crank it up to “10”, and start passing the remote control around! At he same time Blackdiamond fuck the slaves ass with her 7 inch heels. OMG you should hear him SCREAM when I hit the button and BD is ramming her heel into his ass! This loser sreams so loud that we press a pillow in his face. Nobody wants to hear this.

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Sex Object Total Abuse

Bound to My bed, waiting to be used, My chattel became aroused before I even touched him. I will violently slap and punch his balls and crush them under the magnified poundage of full-weight butt drops. I will make the stupid dick suffer under the tight pinch and constriction of multiple rubber bands. The more I hurt him, the more aroused I become, and I have so many devious ways to heighten his pain. Through all this torture, I shall repeatedly orgasm while My chattel remains hard. Yet I will never allow his stupid dick to be satisfied, all three of his releases will be totally ruined!

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Obey Melanie – Balls In Bondage

I’m about to take Foot Worship to the extreme. I use heavy bondage and heavier cock and ball discipline to train My slave in the art of Foot Slavery. He will serve Bound as my humble foot rest or have his balls destroyed. And I will enjoy every second of his suffering!

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Mistress Damazonia’s Filthy Bi Boys

Looking stunning in her latex dress and thigh length boots, Mistress Damazonia is training and turning her slave boys bi. They have been attached to the super creative slut machine, necks chained together, mouths pulled onto big rubber dildos as various milking and sucking machines tease their dicks. She lets them know what is in store for them, humiliating and chastising them, demanding their loyalty and servitude. Mistress then gives them the first chance to touch each others cocks, as they follow her directions, then she lays them down, sitting on one of the sluts faces as the other one sucks his cock, the pleasure overwhelming.

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Obey Melanie – A Mouth To Cum In

Do you know how to make a dick cum? I want cocks squirting in your face as much as you do! So you need to practice. I’m going to take your dick in my hands and teach you. I will stroke as your shaft as you learn to pleasure a cock in your mouth. And I won’t stop until you make them cum. In your face!

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Kat Turner – Stuck Cumshot

My new sub’s dick has been locked up for at least 9 days at this point, can’t make this stuff up, and the keys belong to me! I can see in his eyes that the extended chastity is already having an effect. The things I do are amplified. I don’t want it to end, but he’s been a good boy so after an extended tease I let him cum. He’s lying down. Ever seen the fountains in Vegas outside the Bellagio? It’s like that but flaccid and locked in chastity and everybody, even the boy, starts laughing.

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Kat Turner – Real Involuntary Ruin!

I tricked him about the duration and subject matter of this scene. Couldn’t be more real, he’s been there hours. The prisoner wants out and I flatly won’t let him. The ruin at the end is a piece of precision work that I am proud of and happy to share. An explosive cumshot gets all over me, shooting for many long seconds and yet he goes crazy with anger and dissatisfaction. Still, no freedom.

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.7

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.7

Even if you are not into SM you would let her take control over you voluntarily… Everybody who has ever seen her in action knows what we are talking about. The trailer delivers insight about what you may expect from that series. So make sure to watch the screenshots so that you know what this one is all about! Including Scenes: Plastic Panic – A Fat Problem – Maneater (previously unreleased dildo scenes).

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.8

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.8

It is incredible hot and Baroness Bijou and I are going out for a ride with our ponies. Our sweating and gasping ponies are close to collapse as we urge them to a dashing duel. My little horse seems to be the better one and because of that, he gets an anal treatment later in the club. After that, we are having some fun taking the breath of the loser pony. At the end we have some heavy stuff for him. He gets pushed into a vacuum suit so that we can make him look like a real Michelin-Man… Starring: Carmen Rivera, Baroness Bijou.

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.12

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.12

Sperm Pigs: Whenever Baronessa di Rivera and Miss Emelie are having a tour through the forest of Brandenburg, they are making sure that their divine feet won’t get worn out: Three slaves are having the honor of being used to drive the handcar with their Mistresses inside. Thease ungrateful creatures are using a break to escape, but just to find themselves bound to the trees just a few minutes later. They now deserve a severe whipping that is giving them bruises all over their asses. They get literally used as pigs… Starring: Carmen Rivera and Miss Emelie.

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.20

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.20

During my wellness day at the gym I am getting disturbed by my ringing mobile phone: A huge asshole is waiting to get fucked by me. I am lighting a cigarette with pleasure and start to penetrate the whole of my client with my foot. After that, my strapon-startet is getting pushed deeper and deeper into his dark corridor just to have both of my fists inside of him afterwards. Bound over the rack I am taking his hungry ass to fuck it with my giant cock straight through the living-room. Maybe the most bizarre apartment inspection since the existence of XXXXL-Strap-Ons!

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.27

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.27

While having a deep summer sleep, the slave is dreaming of a nice little fairy which is purifying his rosette with her magic wand. But the brutal fist of his girlfriend brings him back to reality: She relentlessly is working her way up his guts. The following deep drilling with a metal stick looks like an impalement before a red XXL-Dildo completes this summer fairy-tale. Under strict surveillance of the Baronessa Rivera, the hole is getting stretched up to 7,5 cm by being stuffed 32 cm deep. The anal mega stretching program makes this afternoon going into the annals of history.

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.25

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.25

Three corrupt cops are getting away with their vehicle with a bag full of hush-money. While being on their way, the two officers uncover one of them as one of their associates. The bastard is getting overpowered and has to endure a questioning with hardest SEK-rules. Fists are flying… directly inside his asshole! Mega dicks are finding their way into his bowels. Because he is still not telling anything about the money, the two special-officer-ladies are fucking his ass until their XXL-police batons are glowing!

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.23

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.23

Helsinki Angels – Carmen Rivera visits Finlands Eroticstore No. 1. With its owner Puma Moore, she is taking a slave right in public. In front of the surprised client, her long High-Heels are finding their way right inside his ass. Back home at Puma’s house, another slave ass is beeing greeted with a hard “shake-hand”. After the final forced cum-eating, the slave is getting replaced by a slave-girl. Her always horny whole is going to get to know the hughe cocks of the Mistresses. What a hot day in cold Finland!

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.22

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.22

Three Ladies, three slave-asses and a lot of fun! The Mistresses are enjoying the humiliation of their grunts. Huge butt plugs are finding their ways into sore asses. After one of the slaves got his cock and balls stretched he gets his ass plugged with it. His own cock inside his asshole, that’s something you will only experience with Baronessa di Rivera!! The ass of the second slave gets a double broadside. Like a raw piece of meat his ass gets spanked so that it gets really red just before his urethra gets tormented with electro shocks. Mummified and torn between pain and lust he finally offers his sperm. Absolute Lady Power!

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OnlyFans – Mistress Bliss Videos Part 1

Mistress Bliss is an Australian/British dominatrix and this is a complete rip of her OnlyFans profile that is current up to mid February. You’ll find some nice photos from Bliss’ sessions with her slaves, some selfies and even a couple of nudes. The videos include some full length clips featuring: pegging (missionary, doggy style), foot licking, cbt, fisting, nipple torture, sounding, anal play, electro sex.

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Bunny Colby – Puppy Boot Chow

Ohhh no!! Mistress Bunny Colby has stepped in a nasty bowl of puppy chow and now her obedient pet has to lick it all up. She lubes up a big, fat puppy tail so it fits right inside her good boy’s hole making him wag it just for her. Now he is transformed into a proper puppy to spin shine her boots back to cleanliness.

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Mackenzie Moss – Sissies Lick Better

Mistress Mackenzie is turning her boyfriend into her chastised sissy. She locks up his cock, puts him in lingerie so she can ride his sissy face. She vibrates his chastised cock cage making him more horny and frustrated. Mackenzie cums on his face and leaves him her used sissy hoe.

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