TopGrl – Nurse Fluffy

Nurse Fluffy has been called to care for OT’s wife while he is out on a business trip. When Fluffy is introduced to London River he can tell right away that she is severely disturbed. She must be kept in a straight jacket at all times. Everything is going will until London works her way out of her straight jacket and begins to stalk her frightened nurse through the house. She subdues him quickly and he wakes up in the straight jacket that she had been wearing. She starts toying with him almost immediately, putting clothespins on his cock and shocking him with the very device that he was given to protect himself from her. She then decides to groom him a bit. She has him mummified on the floor with all of him covered except his mouth, feet, cock, and balls. She starts by plucking out his pubic hair and moves on to his feet. She uses a rasp to peel skin away from his soles before dumping the skin into his mouth. Then London River brings out the staples. She has Fluffy restrained to her coffee table and has decided to play doctor.

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